Swagger… I Hate That Word. What Does It Mean Anyway?

Swagger is not a new term to the English language, but has recently been redefined and re-popularized by people who organically exude confidence and have an innate desire to be…

Swagger is not a new term to the English language, but has recently been redefined and re-popularized by people who organically exude confidence and have an innate desire to be different.

Swagger was first used in the late 1500’s and was used to define the way you presented yourself. The definition hasn’t changed much, but has been more appropriated to a new context by the use of it from people who have the audacity to be different and perpetuate uniqueness.

The word is a representation of this, as shown through its use, and is not a synonym for cool… it’s a lifestyle.

As the movement to gain this status grows, people want the ‘confidence to attract the attention they need’. This is the motto of SwaggerBrand, and it demonstrates the exact appeal of gaining this level of confidence.

SwaggerBrand’s Vision:

To become an Industry leader in customized branding and marketing solutions, by providing each client the tools and confidence needed to establish and improve a unique and encouraging web presence online.

With our vision in mind, not only do we want to become the top supporter of being unique and confident, but we also want to work with others that share that vision, with a sense of selflessness.

Historically, the word swagger suggests an air of arrogance. However, in terms of the redefined meaning, we want to make it clear that we do not support arrogance, but promote camaraderie amongst unique senses of styles, ultimately working together to achieve the same on a mass scale.

Swagger isn’t about being cool, and that is what the brand in SwaggerBrand is attempting to make clear. A Brand is what makes one stand out as an authoritative individual.

There are too many instances where individuals recreate what they believe works, because they fear being themselves….thinking they may not be accepted for being different. What they fail to realize is that different is what the world starves for. It allows us to evolve, and accept our differences. An abundance of differences allows for a higher possibility of more open mindedness.

It is more about the role of confidence in your actions by presenting yourself as an authority in your industry or area of expertise. This has made it more a lifestyle and state of mind separating it from the idea of cool, which changes frequently over generations.

SwaggerBrand also wants to become an authority in the area of consulting individuals during their journey of becoming confident in their own abilities and specialties. In addition, we want to provide you with the tools to be able to create or encourage the growth of your online presence.

An online presence is necessary for good business, and allows you to become more successful in general. Confidence is important to almost every factor in life. This is why swagger is such an important character trait, especially in business as it allows you to do things previously thought impossible. This makes it possible for you to establish an effective impression and make business relations with other confident creatives.

The term swagger, unfortunately, has been subverted by people’s ignorance to the point where some people believe it is just another word for cool. This is why SwaggerBrand is important as it proves it is not about what people think of you, it’s about what you think of yourself, and your unwavering confidence in the face of adversity.