SB Guarantee

– Strong Marketing Integrity! –

All of the SEO Marketing packages we offer come with a 3 Month Free Work Guarantee if keyword rankings are not established in Google, Yahoo and Bing! SwaggerBrand is confident in what we can provide for you, especially when it comes to our SEO services.

SEO Guarantee Details:

  • At least 40% of the total keywords we approve for your campaign will land on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo or Bing at some point throughout the campaign.
  • SwaggerBrand, LLC will continuously strive for 100% of keywords to hit the 1st page of Google. The SEO Guarantee is simply to assure you results NO matter what or you will receive 3 months of FREE work!
  • If we do not meet our SEO Guarantee, SwaggerBrand, LLC will continue working for up to three months free of charge to meet the promised Rankings. If at this point in time the promised rankings are not met, SwaggerBrand, LLC would like to work with the client to create an attractive alternative offered at reasonable rates.

The SEO Guarantee WILL BE VOIDED If:

  • The client fails to provide or return articles within the outlined time frame (assumed the client is not purchasing them from SwaggerBrand, LLC)
  • The client fails to provide or purchase additional website content requested by SwaggerBrand, LLC
  • The client cannot provide us access to their website (FTP, & additional access as necessary) unless an agreement is entered into where SwaggerBrand, LLC provides the client with the modified files for uploading.
  • SwaggerBrand, LLC is not provided with full access to make the necessary changes to Dynamic websites (URL Rewriting, Dynamic Meta Data Implementation) and the client does not make the suggested changes themselves.
  • If SwaggerBrand, LLC runs into developmental issues with the website including URL redirect issues, content implementation issues (such as if when content is added to the website by the client and it throws everything out of alignment and disturbs the website’s design), meta tag implementation issues, or additional issues that may arise as a result of structural design and developmental flaws in the client’s website or hosting issues, then this can void the guarantee unless the client is responsive to fixing such issues that are out of SwaggerBrand, LLC’s control.


  • The website goes offline for more than 24 hours.
  • The website has duplicate content on the internet.
  • The website’s host location is changed.
  • The website’s hosting is not renewed and the website goes offline.
  • The website’s navigation structure is altered without SwaggerBrand, LLC’s approval.
  • The website becomes blacklisted independent of SwaggerBrand, LLC’s actions.
  • The website is engaged in any spamming activities.
  • The website’s content optimization or meta tags are modified independently from SwaggerBrand, LLC.

*** Even in the event of our SEO Guarantee being voided, SwaggerBrand, LLC still works just as hard to achieve the rankings. The vast majority of the time conditions for the SEO Guarantee are compromised; SwaggerBrand, LLC still achieves over 40% of the keywords on the 1st page of the major search engines while still under contract to do so.