About US

– Who We Are –

Managing all of the details for conceptualizing and building a company’s online presence, as well as its online marketing, can be overwhelming to most business owners.

At SwaggerBrand, we specialize in developing the total online experience for small businesses, as well as larger corporations, with a strong emphasis on seamless project management. Your Internet needs become our responsibility, freeing you up to focus on your business.

SwaggerBrand’s Vision:

To become an Industry leader in customized branding and marketing solutions, by providing each client the tools and confidence needed to establish and improve a unique and encouraging web presence online.

With our vision in mind, not only do we want to become the top supporter of being unique and confident, but we also want to work with others that share that vision, with a sense of selflessness.

Historically, the word swagger suggests an air of arrogance. However, in terms of the redefined meaning, we want to make it clear that we do not support arrogance, but promote camaraderie and confidence amongst unique senses of styles, ultimately working together to achieve the same on a mass scale.

CO-Founder & Online Marketing Project Manager

Remahn Farley, the company’s co-founder and Online Marketing Project Manager has a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, web design and web development, making him a valuable resource to his clients, who count on him to “get it right.”

Remahn’s goal is always to leverage a client’s existing strengths and reputation to help them build their brand and business while increasing their web presence.

As far back as 2002, Remahn specialized in using the power of keyword research, search engines, and article marketing to drive traffic from around the world to websites whose marketing he managed. Today, he can proudly claim to be an authority in online marketing.

In addition to its corporate focus, SwaggerBrand offers special web design and Internet marketing strategies to creatives, including visual artists, musicians, and other performing artists.

As an accomplished musician himself, whose family has deep roots in New Orleans soul/funk and Southern University’s renowned Southern Jaguars Marching Band, Remahn prides himself on living and breathing music.

He has a special passion for helping other creative minds leverage the power of the Internet beyond the confines of a few Social Networking sites.

SwaggerBrand prides itself on helping both businesses and entertainers discover the power of Internet marketing. Expect first class project management, unparalleled knowledge of the latest online marketing techniques and a true passion for “getting it right,” no matter how complex the project.