A few weeks ago we posted an article comparing the features of the Evernote and Springpad apps. Check it out here: Evernote VS Springpad. The article gave a brief description…

A few weeks ago we posted an article comparing the features of the Evernote and Springpad apps. Check it out here: Evernote VS Springpad. The article gave a brief description of the purpose of both apps, how they can be used for business productivity, and a breakdown of the pros and cons of each application.

This was wonderful advice for those looking to be more productive on the go, but there were a few huge direct and behind the scenes errors in our attempt to inform our readers. I’ll get into more detail about that in a bit.

Surprisingly, within a 1.5 hour span of publishing that article, we received this email from Ms. Adri Cowan of Springpad:

Hi Ro,

Thanks so much for the awesome post on Springpad vs. Evernote! You clearly did your research, and I think you were super fair and well written.

I wanted to just clear up a couple of errors in the article about the use of Springpad — with the launch of Springpad 4.0 in March, there have been some changes.

1) Not sure if you were aware of this, but the way most people “Spring” or add to Springpad is by using the web clipper on their web browser. You just need to hit that “Spring It!” button while you’re on a website, and it automatically adds the bookmark or item from the website to be saved to Springpad; no need to categorize or choose a type. You don’t even need to put it in a Notebook anymore — it will just get saved to all of your Springs.

2) You actually do not need to create a Notebook before you Spring anything while you’re in or out of Springpad. While you’re in Springpad, simply click the yellow plus sign button in the upper right hand corner and select what type of Spring you want to create (whether it’s a note, checklist, etc.) and you’re all done!

Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff, or anything about Springpad, and I’d be happy to give you a tour!

Thanks again,

– Adri


Ok, so here we go. Let me explain to you how Adri of Springpad directly and indirectly schooled (not screwed) us 2 times over.

Springpad Teaches A Lesson In Time Sensitive Content And Online Reputation Management

1. Making Haste With Time Sensitive Content

That article was written months before it was actually published. Our deepest apologies go out to Adri and Springpad for our untimeliness in content submission, and our misrepresentation of a few of their application features. Don’t ever hold on to fresh content, we’ve already made that mistake for you.

Holding on to content is an internet no-no. Not only does it look like you’re late to the party, but if the information is outdated and what you’ve referenced has since been updated, you look foolish to your audience. They start to think you’re not actually staying informed about the content you post about.

Provide your readers and followers with fresh, current content so they can share this information with their friends and business associates. Thank you Adri and Springpad for lesson one. We surely don’t mind being self-deprecating on your behalf.

2. Real-Time Online Reputation Management

Paying attention to what potential clients or current customers say about your products and/or services is important because you want to make sure you’re providing them with quality, while listening to their needs and suggestions. This is super important when it comes to protecting your brand online.

The response time to that post from Adri is by far THE fastest in history I’ve ever witnessed while posting content online over the years. She will tell you how we praised her cordial and timely response to that post, and how we seconded her intrinsically superb real-time online reputation management skills.

Listen to your customers and help them where they need it, while making sure they understand the reasons and details of your products and services. If you reach out personally, they will appreciate the kind gesture and the time you take to explain the details of your services.

Many thanks go out to Adri for her kind and extremely informative email, and it was a pleasure to make a new SB friend while getting a refresher course in online content and reputation management.

She will soon be posting an article on SwaggerBrand about using Springpad as a small business and she will also be using one of Springpad’s new features within the post, so stay tuned.

Do you guys have any stories about being put in your place online? If so, let us know in the comments below. ?

*Post Addendum: On June 5, 2014, Springpad officially closed shop: Read More Here:Springpad Folds.

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