The economy is tight nowadays and many businesses are feeling the pressure as consumers spend less and look for the best deals. Businesses are also faced with the difficult task…

The economy is tight nowadays and many businesses are feeling the pressure as consumers spend less and look for the best deals. Businesses are also faced with the difficult task of marketing to consumers who are constantly bombarded by ads and deals nearly 24 hours a day. In fact, business to consumer marketing is one of the more difficult things to do.

Luckily, times such as these lead to creative marketing. It helps develop new marketing techniques that can often be more effective

than simply creating an advertisement. The following types of advertising techniques will help strengthen your business to consumer marketing campaign.

Budget Friendly Advertising Techniques For B2C Markets

The best thing that a business to consumer marketer can do is to be creative. In spite of the constant barrage of ads that the consumer deals with daily, the creative marketer will come up with ways to make his or her business stand out.

Running a business is similar to running for political office without all of your skeletons being examined. You will benefit from shaking hands and kissing babies. One of the best ways to stand out amongst competitors is to create goodwill in your community.

Goodwill is a valuable, yet a highly overlooked advertising technique. This does not have to be an expensive effort, but it is something that will get your name out to the residents and businesses in your area.

Spend some money to get your logo printed on some pens, pencils, candy, or toys. Send some to a local school. Attend local festivals and hand them out. Look for an upcoming race and contact the coordinator. See if the coordinator will allow your pens or toys to be included in the racer’s goody bags.

Race coordinators look for people to give monetary sponsorship, but they also love to have goodies to hand out at the race.

You can also donate coupons for your store to include in the racer’s bags. This gets your

To be even more of a presence, stand at the finish line and give out “free high fives” to the runners crossing the finish line. Make sure you have a sign that has your company’s name on it.

These things involve you in your community while spreading the word to your store whether it is virtual or physical. Goodwill is one of the best business to consumer marketing techniques that you can employ.

Another way to increase your presence in the business to customer market is to create a blog and/or a newsletter. This can consist of anything that your customers will find interesting. It could be about running the business, new products, trips you must take, tips on living or using the products that you move, or even pictures of your products in use.

Encourage existing customers to sign up for the email newsletter and include deals and discounts from time to time. The blog will draw in the public while the newsletter will keep you at the forefront of existing customer’s minds.

There are ways to link your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that customers who like your blog can share it with their friends and hopefully bring in more customers.

Another way to market that is fairly new is Pinterest. This was mentioned in the previous post about iOS and Android apps to increase brand awareness.

Basically, you create an account and you “pin” things that you like to share with your friends. When your friends click on the photo that you “pinned”, it actually takes them to a website. That means that if you “pin” a feel good saying or a picture of a new product or a great suggestion on how to use a product, anyone who looks at that pin and clicks on the link will be redirected to your site.

Generally, people on Pinterest are not searching for an immediate purchase, but it will direct business to your site and introduce people to your site and/or your blog. Pinterest is a hobby now, but soon it will be a valuable tool in the b2c markets.

Business to customer marketing changes every month. It changes to keep up with modern tastes and technology. But creativity and research along with some effort will provide the results that you need in the b2c markets.

Today’s world is tough on advertisers, but there are many small businesses out there with lots of innovation that have grown into successful companies because of the hard work that they put in to learning new types of advertising techniques.

Even if your budget is small, determination and imagination will prevail and bring new customers to you and your store. The customers are out there and they are going to spend money on someone’s product. If you are creative you can reach them and convince them to spend it on your product.

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