In this day and age, mobile apps are becoming more prominent as tools towards raising awareness about your business. Smart phones are everywhere so from a business standpoint, you and…

In this day and age, mobile apps are becoming more prominent as tools towards raising awareness about your business. Smart phones are everywhere so from a business standpoint, you and your business have the potential to be everywhere too.

With social networking and media applications at our fingertips, sharing ideas and products has never been easier. Going mobile is an easy and effective way to gain access to a bigger market using apps for small business social media exposure.

Along with outlets like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be happy to know that there are several other options to help optimize the amount and type of exposure you can create for your business. Here are a few useful mobile applications to help get you started.

Apps For Small Business Social Media Exposure

Bizspeaking can be an invaluable app for your business. As the name itself expresses, it’s a place where people can talk about their businesses in terms of sharing their products/services and offering deals to consumers.

The app is specifically designed to help your products become more accessible. Through product placement and keyword searches, Bizspeaking matches your business with the right consumer. In providing more business centered exposure as opposed to the basic exposure that social media provides, this app can help your business create beneficial relationships and provide opportunities to form connections for the future.

For branding purposes, this may be the perfect outlet to get your business the attention it needs. In addition to the service that Bizspeaking provides, it also serves as an avenue to connect you to other social media applications such as Pinterest and Twitter so you can really get widespread public exposure.

Instagram is another service that can help you reach the masses. On top of having millions of users, it’s not only efficient, but economically savvy because it’s a totally free application.

Instagram centers around creating and sharing photos. By appealing to people

visually with logos and products, you can leave a lasting impression by using this app. It allows you to take existing photos and tweak them by way of photo filters and effects, giving you innovative ways to rejuvenate or reinvent your business and its brand.

In addition, there’s no limit to how many photos you can post and being a free service, it can be one of the best, inexpensive ways to gain exposure. Also, similarly to Bizspeaking, Instragram is an app that has open connections between itself and other social media applications. With all the options it offers, the possibilities are endless.

Moreover, Pinterest has easily become one of the fastest growing social media applications. This app offers a new spin on an old way to showcase ideas. It uses a virtual pushpin board to help users organize and share their own ideas as well as allowing them to share things posted by others.

By creating an environment where people can share and re-share items in the same place, your business can receive concentrated exposure. For example, if you post a product and it is shared by another user with 50 friends who have common interests, your product has the chance to be seen by dozens of people in no time.

Therefore, the more connections you make, the more exposure you get. Also, just like the other apps, Pinterest can be linked to several other social media outlets, maximizing the amount of publicity your business can receive.

So, whether you have an iPhone or Android, any and all of these applications can be assets towards the success of your business. Make your smartphone work for you by creating the exposure your business needs to grow.

While the world has apps right at its fingertips, by using these tools, there’s no better way to help you and your business have consumers in the palm of your hand.

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