The task of creating buzz for a brand is what keeps marketing managers up at night. In a modern landscape where everybody seems to be pushing the envelope to get…

The task of creating buzz for a brand is what keeps marketing managers up at night. In a modern landscape where everybody seems to be pushing the envelope to get their brand noticed, fighting for a little slice of the limelight seems like an impossible task. However, a tight branding strategy can help you maximize every opportunity to convert casual admirers into new customers while solidifying your relationship with existing ones.

Your first step to any grandiose marketing plan should be to identify what makes your brand unique. Even if you provide a service that thousands of other companies already provide, no other company can touch you if you have a unique angle that appeals to some essential need within your clients.

The trick is tapping into that need and distinguishing your brand as a solution for attaining it. Industry insiders call that special something a company’s competitive value.

Are you ready to join the brandversation and take your company to the next level? If you’re trying to make sense of the wild world of corporate branding, take a look at five principles for understanding and optimizing the competitive value of your brand.

Have A Purpose

It’s hard to design a brand strategy around an idea that doesn’t exist. You need to be able to evangelize to each and every potential customer about exactly why your brand is worth their time and money.

One of the things most modern marketers fail to grasp is that a product isn’t finished just because it’s been designed, built and packaged. The art of building a brand starts the moment your finished physical product has been built. In fact, every successful brand you’ve ever heard of is focused on building a movement instead of simply offering a product or service.

You need to ask yourself what idea or principle your brand is pushing forward with. When customers feel like a brand has a purpose, it moves them to want to be a part of that brand’s mission. Of course, your corporate branding approach
doesn’t have to be philosophically heavy in order to be effective. You can turn any widget into a wonder with the right angle.

A Name Should Say Everything

What’s in a name? The answer just might surprise you. Brand naming is one of the most crucial steps you will take while forming and promoting your identity in the public eye.

Think of how the media reacts when a celebrity gives their baby an unusual name. You can see how we all make instantaneous judgments based on how a few vowels sound rolling off our tongues. Your name is what will initially determine whether or not customers and clients are interested in hearing more about your brand’s story.

You need to decide if you want a brand name that answers a question or asks one. A strong name that is clear cut about what you offer is great if you’re looking to appeal to a mass audience. However, going with a mysterious or provocative moniker during the brand naming process is a great way to generate buzz when your brand caters to a niche market.

Be Consistent

Every artist has a signature style that true fans can spot a mile away. The rule in the branding world is that uniformity equals quality. Customers like to know they can easily identify the brands they trust by relying on consistent labeling and visual design. Your customers need to be able to pick your brand out from a crowded sea of other options. In fact, a truly successful brand is one that’s so recognizable it doesn’t even have to be loud about advertising its presence. If you are forming or relaunching a brand, having a consistent visual presence is important.

The easiest way to achieve this is by having your logo professionally designed. This logo should serve as a badge on all of your packaging or marketing materials. However, your logo should never be merely just a representation of letters. You need a logo that tells your whole story and vision in the blink of an eye. You can make your logo stand apart from the crowd by designing a clever mascot or choosing bold and alluring lettering.

Know Your Audience

What delights one audience can offend another. The worst thing you can do is create a branding strategy that alienates the very people you’re trying to court business with. From the logo you choose to the slogan you repeat, you need to make sure you know who the audience is that you’re speaking to.

One mistake that many brands make is that they try to be all things to all people. Don’t be afraid to go as granular as possible when trying to appeal to your target audience. If your target demographic is young and experimental, don’t be afraid to go with wording or graphics that are intended to shock.

If you serve a more conservative target audience, keeping your identity classic and polished is a great way to convey that you’re a trusted, established brand.

Choose The Right Avenue Of Delivery

Your audience can’t respond to your message if they can’t see your message. Effective corporate branding is all about visibility. Knowing how to reach out to customers is one of the most important ways to make sure that every marketing dollar you spend has maximum impact.

It’s your job to go where your audience is. If you’re trying to get the word out about a product that’s meant for busy moms, you can deliver your message by creating a product review program for bloggers who write about family-related topics. Social media is great if you’re trying to strike up a brandversation with younger users.

Having fully interactive social media activity is the best way to become relevant. If you’re not tasking a person on your team with constantly monitoring and updating your social media presence, you’re simply not planning for success.

One thing every modern marketer must learn is that today’s generation prefers to be part of a larger conversation instead of merely being fed information from brands.

Posing questions and providing feedback to the questions that are posed to you is the best approach when planning how to build a relationship with your client base.

Never Stop

The most important piece of advice is to keep moving forward with the tips mentioned above for as long as it takes. With social media platforms constantly evolving, you need to stay informed if you want to effectively engage with customers.

Your job as a marketer is to constantly evaluate how your current strategies are working while still keeping an eye on what’s coming up on the road ahead. Every successful brand knows that a continuous conversation is the key to continued success.


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