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Remahn Farley

The company’s Digital Brand Management Specialist has a deep understanding of search engines, marketing, and web design & development, making him a valuable resource to his clients. Remahn enjoys the marriage of musical notes, joking, documentaries, and star-gazing between leveraging clients’ strengths, helping them build brand confidence.

Marceel Marchena

Whenever there is a viral video or trending topic on social media, Marceel is there to share it. He is a creative that enjoys building up brands from start to finish. In his free time he enjoys creating tutorial videos and ranting about sports news on Twitter. Also he often photoshops his face on pro athletes for his own entertainment.

Andi Ticknor

Andi’s personal passions include sports of any kind; especially the Buffalo Bills. She enjoys traveling, live music and music festivals. She comes equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from Valparaiso University and a Master of Arts in Sports Administration from Northwestern University. She works passionately full time at Breaking Barriers and Stereotypes.

Duston Parker

While working as top web developer, Duston enjoys staring at monitors and fixing things that other people can’t. He makes a client’s project his own by initiating the actions necessary to maximize the developmental needs of a client’s project. Duston detects features of a project that you probably will never see or perceive, which makes him great. Chances are, Duston is better than you.

Leslie Kochevar

Shapes and colors, that’s what Leslie sees and essentially creates. As it turns out, its art! She loves sitting down with a blank slate and making something out of nothing. Leslie is also a doer and a task-master. Balancing those Type-A and Type-B tasks make her valuable and sometimes a little crazy. Her other passions include movies, reading, beach life, food, fitness and drink mixology.

SwaggerBrand specializes in developing and improving the total online presence, experience & confidence for individuals, non-profits, small businesses, & corporations, with a strong emphasis on branding, expression, & seamless project management.

Prior to working with SwaggerBrand, we did not have a visible place on the internet. SwaggerBrand trained us on how to use the site to our advantage and got us visible on Google. They also have an easy payment system that ensures safety.

Dr. Sharon LennonNewlen Education

By partnering with SwaggerBrand we are able to create a higher standard for DFM Wellness Alliance, LLC and are extremely satisfied with our partnership, and look forward to collaborating with them on future endeavors.

Domonique McCordDFM Wellness, LLC

Thanks for delivering a great video. We were really happy with the end result and really impressed with your project management and execution. SwaggerBrand nailed it!

Anya WalkerThe Meyvn Group

They made my new business cards. they were very pretty! I will definitely be using SwaggerBrand again!

Keiko Komaki

Bond with SB:

(504) 587-1639

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